Magma Mine Playthrough Video And Fire Bro. Confirmed

Here is our first full look at the Magma Mine board in Mario Party 9! Included in the video is the startup channel when the game is selected from the Wii menu. The video also confirms Spike as the mid-level boss of Magma Mine. Check out the video below!


A few details from the video:

  • The +2, +3, and +4 Spaces are exclusive to Magma Mine stage only. The spaces affects the magma.
  • In this stage, when you come at a junction, all players choose their directions, but the wheel ultimately determines where to go.
  • Fire Bro. also hosts the Competition (Battle) Space. Whoever is in last place gives up ten Mini-Stars to the others to split. Therefore, Hammer Bro. or Fire Bro. hosts the Competition (Battle) Space. This leaves Boomerang Bro. to be nowhere to be found so far.
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