First Review of Mario Party 9 with ONM

The Official Nintendo Magazine (ONM) has reviewed Mario Party 9 and the verdict is in! The reviewer, Chris Scullion, goes on to say, “This is a big comeback which has breathed new life into a flatlining series.” The review ends with a positive score of 86%, a 17% increase over Mario Party 8’s 69%. The review gives us lots of new info as well.

  • No 50-Turn games (we are assuming there is no longer a set amount of turns to play)
  • No Coins in Mario Party 9
  • Bowser Spaces appear more frequently near the end of the stages.
  • 78 mini-games
  • Story Mode will have you playing the boards with “Bowser’s minions.”
  • Step Up (Mario Party DS) returns
  • Garden Battle (mode) – winner plants plants to place in their garden with the ultimate goal to completely filling yours first.
  • Perspective Mode lets you play mini-games in third person viewpoint.
  • Unlock-able vehicles and boards
  • Time Trail Mode
  • No Classic Mode
  • No Online

A list of mini-game titles were revealed:

  • Launch Break (Rocket Launching)
  • Pizza me, Mario (Pizza Making)
  • Speeding Bullets (Bullet Bill Racing)
  • Growing Up (Press buttons to grow your beanstalk)
  • Mecha Choice (Escape from Mecha-Koopas)
  • Polar Extremes (Platforming)
  • Skyjinks (Platforming)

Huge thanks to GThing64 for the heads up! Check back with the Official Nintendo Magazine (ONM) for more!

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