Final Two Boards Revealed!

According to the UK based magazine Nintendo Gamer, the final two boards of Mario Party will be home to the series. In Issue #72 (only available in stores), Nintendo Gamer reveals that the final two boards are Bowser Station and DK’s Jungle Ruins.


Nintendo Gamer (Issue #72):

“Thankfully, Nd Cube have done more than just add cars and hope for the best: they’ve built each stage around it’s vehicle guest star. The game’s seven boards – compromising *deep breath* Toad Road, Boo’s Horror Castle, Bob-omb Castle, Blooper Beach, Magma Mine, Bowser Station and DK’s Jungle Ruins *dies* – are reassuringly inventive and unique, rather than the flat, cardboardy backdrops fans may have been expecting.”


Very exciting news, especially after hearing absolutely nothing on DK and his role in Mario Party 9. On a side note, the magazine also states that Kamek will appear in the Story Mode. Whether this means a boss or a more prominent role is yet to be revealed.

Thanks to Eggroe for the tip!

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