A New Nintendo Direct Presentation Airs Today (OVER)

Nintendo’s hosting three regional Nintendo Direct presentations tomorrow to showcase upcoming 3DS and Wii titles. For those who don’t recall, Nintendo Direct is a short conference presented every few months from Nintendo to provide information directly to consumers about the latest 3DS and Wii titles. Back in October 2011, we heard about the 3D video recording firmware update for the 3DS and upcoming E-Shop games. Hopefully this time we’ll hear more about Mario Party 9 and other upcoming Mario games like Mario Tennis 3DS, Luigi’s Mansion 2, and Paper Mario 3DS.

The Japanese Nintendo Direct presentation hosted by Satoru Iwata starts at 3:00 AM PST/6:00 AM EST/8:00 PM JST while the English NA version hosted by Reggie Fils-Aime starts at 6:00 AM PST/9:00 AM EST. Finally there’s a European version which starts at 4:00 AM PST/7:00 AM EST/1:00 PM CET. Maybe we’ll see a new Mario Party 9 trailer!


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