Without Winning A Mini-Game, Can You Win A 15-Turn Mario Party 7 Game?

One day, this brilliant and unorthodox idea came to me and I was instantly curious on how this would work. So I took action. I played a 15-turn game of Mario Party 7 on Brutal difficulty. But ultimately the difficulty did not affect me as much since I planned on not winning any mini-games. Yes, that’s the main point to the experiment. In order to win the game without winning a mini-game, I had to execute in a couple of different ways:


1. Item Usage: I had to hope that if I put down a capsule I could get other people to land on it, or even if I could land on it myself for the extra coins.

2. Bonus Star Awareness: While I’m automatically out of the mini-game star race, there are still 5 other stars. The happening and red stars are very much in my power even though they are the luck of the dice roll like stars. The running star would require a lot of mushrooms (especially since I decided to have Toadette in the game) which would be hard to manage. The Shopping Star would be hard since I wouldn’t have the luxury of having coins from mini-games to spend. And the orb star is actually a good chance for me to get.

3. Coin Management: This is big because I’m only going to have so many coins so I have to make sure I don’t put these coins in jeopardy or overspend in the item shop.

4. Luck:  You always need luck in Mario Party, but I’m gonna need extra help from the vicious Mario Party lords.


How did it go? Watch my video as I recap the game!:


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