Story Mode of Mario Party 9 – Thoughts

Some thoughts on Story Mode of Mario Party 9

 We all know that there is going to be a Story Mode in Mario Party 9 as there has been in previous installments of the Mario Party series; however, we shouldn’t expect too much from it when compared to the games before this one. According to the news release from Nintendo’s European website:

“The latest addition to the Mario Party series encourages you to think one step ahead of your opponents to collect the most Mini Stars and defeat Bowser. Bowser and his buddies have stolen all the Mini Stars in the sky and it is up to you to achieve the ultimate goal of winning them all back and becoming the Super Star” (Nintendo of Europe, News)

This seems very simple: Bowser has stolen all of the Mini Stars from the sky somehow, so now you (the player) must retrieve as MANY as you can considering the fact that you most likely will not get ALL of them back. It’s yet another simplistic story that’s easy to understand and to the point. Actually, it is something I myself would have expected to be the case since we are talking about the Mario Party series here. One shouldn’t expect to see much of an in-depth story due to the realization that even general Mario series games don’t contain serious stories at all. I don’t think that this story will be half bad since it’s in fact a party game; hence, not needing something too complex. It’s not like I wouldn’t like a complex story in a Mario Party game, but it’s just something that’s not really needed for games like these.

Bowser, he's up to no good

One thing does puzzle me though regarding the idea of collecting all of the Mini Stars which Bowser has taken, with respect to mainly Story Mode. According to an outside source (Official Nintendo Magazine, not 100% confirmed), a “Classic” mode (regular 4 players traveling separately around the board) will be available aside from the new Car/Vehicle mode. That’s nice, but will that be playable in Story Mode? Considering how the story states that you and your opponents are to “collect the most MINI STARS” does that change for using Story Mode with “Classic” mode? If so, how would it change? Would regular Stars replace the Mini Stars part? Or is Classic mode (if it’s there) not available for Story Mode and only in Party Mode?

Well, Mario IS holding a regular yellow Star.

There wasn’t much revealed regarding the main story of Mario Party 9; therefore not much to say about it, but we do have a good idea on what to expect. What do you think of the revealed Story Mode?

Nintendo of Europe Mario Party 9 News

Official Nintendo Magazing Mario Party 9 Preview

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