Mario Party 9 To Have Seven Boards, Four Mini-Game Types

Mario Party 9 is less than a month and a half away from release in European regions and more information about the game is trickling in. Taking notes from the Amazon page for Mario Party 9 reveals that seven boards will be featured this time around. This is a slight difference from the normal six boards we usually see in each installment. This will mean that Mario Party 9 is the second Mario Party to feature seven boards. Recall that Mario Party 5 also had seven boards.

As for mini-game types, the Amazon page states that there will be a total of four different types. There will be the usual 1-VS.-3, as well as the previously seen 2-VS.-1 (Bowser Jr.) mini-games. While it is not confirmed the remaining two mini-game types must be the 4-Player and Boss Battle mini-games we have seen in screenshots and trailers. If this is true, this will be the first Mario Party (excluding Mario Party Advance) to NOT feature 2-VS.-2 mini-games.

On a side note, the North American box art seems to have gotten an upgrade. It now resembles more the European version, complete with Luigi and a starry sky. The colors seem a bit exaggerated and this could be due to the way the image file was created. Whether or not this is final is still up in the air., via


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