New Mario Party 9 Screens!

After nearly half a year without a single update, Mario Party 9 is back in the spotlight with 10 new screens! The screens range from new Mini-Games to new boards, and they also give us a better look at this car that his been discussed greatly in the community. Check them out below!

Screenshots Video






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December 13, 2011 6:13 PM

I’m worried that the game only concentrate on the four-player cooperative mode and not in four independent players, as well as in all other games. So far had no evidence or image that shows the independent players on the board collecting coins and buying stars. I only saw player cooperative collecting silver stars on the board.

Sorry for the bad writing. I am Brazilian and I’m not very good at English.

Oh, and congratulations for the site, it’s perfect. I’m waiting for the pages of the other games in the series be ready.

Thank you!