More Mario Party 9 Info from Best Buy

After all the excitement about the thumbnail sized box art found yesterday, small bits of information were overlooked in the synopsis of the Mario Party 9 page from Best Buy. Taking a closer look at the bullet points of information reveal much of what we already know, with small, less noticeable details presenting new information.

  • In addition to the convertible and flying carpet, a submarine will be used to travel in one of the yet to be revealed boards. This would indicate an underwater or partially underwater themed board.
  • New minigames include one where players “steer Bullet Bills through races”, “snare adversaries by drawing lines in the sand”, and a minigame called “Shell Soccer”.
  • Whether this is a boss battle or a Bowser Jr. mingame is yet to be determined, but one of these minigame will have players “fire cannonballs at Bowser Jr.”.
  • Something called a Lucky Roll will most likely be included in board play.
  • The Wii Remote will be used to “rotate the dial on treasure chests to unlock diamonds” as well as “toss pepperonis onto a spinning pizza” (minigame).
  • The buttons on the Wii Remote will also be used to “Tap the Wii Remote’s buttons to escape spooky haunted mansions, run and jump across an array of moving platforms and engage in fierce battles above a fiery magma pit”.
  • And if anyone was still wondering, the game can be played to up to 4 players.

Lots of little bits of information found throughout the Best Buy summary and expect other retailers to follow suit in posting their own synopsis. Check out the full synopsis here. Stay tuned to Mario Party Legacy for all the latest Mario Party 9 news!