Mario Party 9 – Early Wi-Fi Play Speculation

Mario Party games online, what would make it work?

What has happened?

Yes, there have previously been two Mario Party games on consoles with Wi-Fi capabilities, however, that’s as far as the developers of Mario Party have gone with regards to successfully inserting online play into any of those two games. Mario Party 8 arguably seems to have been a delayed GameCube game, which leads many to believe that it would never even have online to start with. Though, some sort of online play should have been able to be added because the components for Wi-Fi are always available for Wii developers. The same goes for Mario Party DS, which seems to have been under development during the making of Mario Party 8. However, Mario Party 8 really didn’t have any real excuse to not include some sort of online mode to play with others over Wi-fi. Hudson really made a bad move which made a lot of fans even more disappointed from the lack of Wi-Fi. These two games created the same mistake and they aren’t logical steps forward for the future of the series, so something definitely needs to be done.

What should happen?

Although we only received a snippet of information regarding Mario Party 9 and what its internals are, a logical step between the previous Mario Party games and the release of Mario Party 9 would be the inclusion of Wi-Fi. Nowadays, most multi-player modes in a lot of modern video games contain an option for online play. Just knowing that, it should really make ND Cube take note of what would make the fans not only want to play the game, but enjoy it with the commodity of worldwide online play. Some may think that online play isn’t a must-have, but the truth of the matter is that most people tend to like a game more if they notice the different modes of play for each game. Now then, what should a future Mario Party game like Mario Party 9 have as a Wi-Fi mode besides just the words “Wi-Fi Play?”

This Wi-Fi logo is just dying to lay printed on each Mario Party 9 box.

For starters, one should first consider what the multiplayer modes there will be besides general Wi-Fi. Obviously there needs to be some Mini-Game Mode to play with friends across long distances. A short form of Party Mode should also be included, but should only be limited to friend board matches, because you cannot guarantee whether the random person you play against will play until the very end or not. Every board in the game should be available because there really shouldn’t be any reason for that to not be the case. The developers do need to make sure that the wait times and the lagging are in check and in the right direction because no one would like to play Mini-Games with lag going on at random and at the utmost worse times for distractions to occur. Speaking of Mini-Games, there should be a mode where you can play through Mini-Games with up to 4 people. Though, there should be some sort of fix for those Mini-Games (or even for the actual party mode for that matter), because there isn’t a certainty of whether one will be able to find all 4 spots to fill in for playing either Party or Mini-Game Mode. So, how about a CPU fills in each of those empty spots? For example, if you find one person but no other and a game starts, then the other 2 player spots should be filled in with CPU players set at a specific difficulty maybe based on the two people’s records. Why that? Well, how else can the difficulty be selected fairly? Unless of course, you’re playing with a friend, because then that will be different since you both can decide among that some way.

This can all change as soon as more details arise of Mario Party 9. It’s hard to mention much when there are such scarce amounts of information regarding the game. Look forward to better predictions and speculation when more information on the game comes.

Second Opinion

by SuperZambezi

I too would like to see some form of Wi-fi enabled in Mario Party 9. With so little information to work with, predicting what kind of Wi-Fi will be presented or whether or not Wi-Fi will even be an option in the game, is quite difficult. Expecting how Wi-Fi will be implemented will be hard, but there are many ways to go about doing it. First off, Battle Royale Maps (Party Mode) are a must in online. While the option to play with random people would be nice to have, it is certainly necessary for players to play with friends online. Mini-Game Mode is where random players will get their share of the Wi-Fi goodness. Contained in the mode would be all sorts of ways to go about playing mini-games online. Players would be able to choose whether they want friends only or anyone in their games. Mini-Game Modes like Decathlon Park and Tic-Tac-Toe would make their appearance as well as a standard mode where players can freely pick Mini-Games to play. This mode would also include an option to jump into a random Mini-Game battle where players play Mini-Game after Mini-Game continuously with little breaks to keep the party momentum going. Mini-Game high scores will also play an important role in an online mode, serving as leaderboards for the game. The opportunities you get with adding Wi-Fi to Mario Party are numerous, and it might just be the spark that Mario Party needs to get back into the game.

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