Final Mario Party 9 Box Art?

Retailers are known to reveal bits of information on games before they are allowed to, and it appears to be the case here. The Best Buy page for Mario Party 9 was updated with a thumbnail sized image of what appears to be the final box art of Mario Party 9. The box art does not look fake and could in fact be in its final form.

The box art also gives us some new tidbits on the game. First off, Birdo is clearly seen on the right. Whether this means he (or she, if that floats your boat) is playable is still up in the air. A Kamek is visible in the top right as well. While the board looks similar to the already revealed Toad Road board, what looks like Princess Peach’s Castle can be seen in the background. For more discussion and speculation,  head over to our Forum page!

Thanks to Vipsoccermaster and GenesisOne for the tip!

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