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Seems we are a bit late. The tweets, along with the entire @HudsonSoftLtd account, have been deemed fake. Any tweet regrading Mario Party 9 is not true and holds no legitimacy. The real Hudson twitter can be found at @HudsonSoft on Twitter. Still, this brings about some excitement for our rather silent game. It’s also a relief to know that ND Cube is not out of the picture.


Digging deeper into Hudson’s stack of tweets we found three more tweets regarding Mario Party 9. The first two don’t amount to anything while the third tweet confirms that a November release will not be happening, stating “Hello! dates been changed recently ;( we apologize for that.”.

And here are the other two tweets:


Since its unveiling at E3 2011 in June, Mario Party 9 has received virtually nothing in regards to news and information. However, since the initial announcement, Hudson Soft has been sending out some interesting tweets regarding Mario Party 9.

The first tweet comes from a fan questioning the release date of Mario Party 9.  Hudson’s first tweet, sent out mid-July, tells of a November release date for the anticipated title. A second tweet shows a little more uncertainty, stating that the game will come out November 2011 – February 2012.


A third tweet was sent out and replied to earlier this month. The same fan is asking for more information on Mario Party 9 in which Hudson Soft replied “It’s all in Nintendo’s hands when to release photos/teasers/trailer ;P”.

At this point, a November or December release date is very unlikely. Judging on past releases, Nintendo would not stay hush on the game until release. Little by little we should be getting information as the release date approaches. With only two months to go, it seems unlikely that Nintendo will release the game with little coverage, especially in the midst of the three other big Nintendo titles. Super Mario 3D Land, Zelda: Skyward Sword, and Mario Kart 7 all release within the November-December time period. And to add to the mix, Fortune Street, a game that was announced the same day as Mario Party 9, has already received new screenshots, trailers, information, a release date and even the box art, all ready for a Monday, December 5, 2011 release. Mario Party 9 looks to be the last major release on Wii and logically being pushed back for 2012.

While the tweets don’t necessarily give us a good release date, this does bring up the question about development. Since we heard of the old Mario Party teams disbandment one year ago, the fanbase was quick to assume ND Cube was responsible for the new Mario Party title. If these tweets prove to be true, Hudson Soft could very well be behind the project once again.


Nonetheless, we sent out a few tweets of our own. Be sure to check back once we get a reply!

Tweet #1

Tweet #2

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