Part 2 – What can Mario Party 9 take from prevous Mario Party games?

Previously, the first four
Mario Party games were quickly analyzed to see which concepts or
ideas would be good enough to make the cut to return in Mario Party
9. So, what good little (or large) ideas can we steal from Mario
Party V, VI, VII, and VIII.

Mario Party 5, the first
step to a large change for the series. New concepts are introduced
here including the new perspectives, new types of items, and new
means of Story in Story Mode (well that’s not too exciting to be
honest). But one thing that really stands out, is the Super Duel Mode
which is introduced for the first time, and the last time. It’s a
mode where one purchases a vehicle and fixes it up with a large
amounts of parts using the points received while interactively
playing through the mini-games. This idea, was really good. The
question of why Hudson simply started and stopped this idea here in
this installment is brought up. It’s something completely different
which catches more diverse actions than from the previous Mario Party
games, and it also creates an atmosphere which makes you wonder
whether you are playing an actual Mario Party game or not. This mode
(or a positive modification thereof) must be brought back in some
way, shape or form for Mario Party 9. This concept can’t simply be
let off too easily without first ending it with a real finishing blow
to it…..So hwhat else should be added or at least considered from
Mario Party V? Well maybe the idea of the Koopa Kids moving around
the board all at the same time which is something that most people
would like. If the CPU characters all moved at the same time, then
there shouldn’t be anymore complaints from those who are very
impatient. Sure I myself may be impatient, but what’s waiting a
minute or two for the other CPU’s to move? You wait even longer for
another human player to move. Just saying. But besides those two,
there really isn’t anything else worth mentioning that is worthy of
returning as a retro idea onto Mario Party 9’s development other than
a couple mini-games.

Mario Party 6, is a very
similar game to the 5th installment, but with some changes
and some of those changes aren’t bad at all. But is there really
anything here other than some mini-games to add to Mario Party 9?
Perhaps Clockwork Castle. I just love that board. So what about the
Mic? Pretend it never existed, no way should that even think about
being used. The Day/Night cycle, it should somehow make a come-back.
The way this works in the boards is just fascinating to a point where
it must be used elsewhere. This, like in MP6, can also be used for
mini-games, and have the day/night ambiance affect the new mini-games
in some way (and should even affect the possible retro mini-games).
How about Orbs? Orbs actually were really good items here and maybe a
modification of this concept should make a come-back….What else?
That’s a good question. It will simply remain a question.

Mario Party 7, is very
similar to the 6th installment, and really doesn’t give us
something worth re-making aside some mini-games like Funstacle
That mini-game concept
was really nice, but it shouldn’t only be limited to a Bowser
mini-game, but it should be something more of a regular mini-game. Of
course, you’ll need to change the concept of this mini-game being a
Bowser game. The 8 player idea should maybe be more of an option, but
it shouldn’t require the use for two people on one controller. Then
again, can Wii handle 8 Wii-remotes?

Party 8, the most criticized. Should anything return from here? The
perspective idea of the board maps perhaps, maybe also the item
transformations. Of course for those impatient people, it’ll probably
be better if those transformations happened more quicker, or else
people would start talking about it negatively. Anyway, Miis. They
shouldn’t just be used for extra mini-games, but also for actual
Mario Party fun and I hope they would give them voices.
Unfortunately, Wii Party didn’t have such a thing, and Mario Party 9
is the only thing that can fix that. Voices will probably not be too
sophisticated, but the voices should be something to give the Mii’s

you noticed how much shorter this part was from the previous part?
Well, that’s what you would expect after seeing some repetitive ideas
coming to play. Then again, bringing back retro ideas isn’t something
that’s necessary to make a Mario Party game successful, but it could
be a factor which should be tampered with.

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