Part 1 – What Mario Party 9 can take from the previous games. (MP 1 – 4)

What could Mario Party 9
take from the previous installments? Part 1

Let’s confess, we should be happy to
see that there is another Mario Party game on the way. Then again,
that’s something that must be said on a Mario Party site, or else
you’ll be punished. Anyway, looking back at the Mario Party games of
the past, there are many choices to pick from with regards to ideas
of how should Mario Party 9 be. Of course, some of this will be
respect to what was revealed with the E3 2011 Trailer because that’s
all we have as something of a resource (if I ever refer to what is
known). Now, let’s cherrypick ideas and values from the past Mario
Party titles in hopes for a good next Mario Party game.

Let’s also be serious, there’s really
no “let’s” in this. It’s all me. Well if there’s a good place to
start, it’s the Mario Party games of the N64. What can we get from
Mario Party I? Besides the basic idea of an actual Mario Party game,
nothing. Perhaps some retro mini-games and a modernized board map
from the ones available. That’s something (which whomever is
responsible for developing the game) that should be considered for
this game, some retro-stuff from the past games. Why not? Of course,
they would have to be the more popular mini-games, or the most
popular boards of the past games. Hows Eternal Star for a
retro board? It’ll be great if they would modernize it with a newer
perspective and the animations for traveling through the very pieces
of the Eternal Star would be amazing. Then again, it would
also be a disaster if you happen to hate modernized version of board
maps. Oh well, anyway, it would be nice to see a nice looking
space-themed board like this one. To tell the truth, there isn’t
really anything else too exciting in the first Mario Party game, so I
would avoid adding much more than simply boards or mini-games because
this game in particular is too general with respect to the overall
idea of Mario Party. The random Plus Blocks, Minus Blocks, Warp
Blocks are a no go, except if they were some sort of items. Enough
about this game, it’s too general to steal from.

What have we got with Mario Party 2?
The most noticeable difference between this and the 1st
Mario Party is something which really wasn’t at all negatively
criticized, the costumes! Having the option to wear clothing with
respect to the theme of the board you’re playing on creates a more
rich, animated and fun atmosphere while roaming around on the board
map; however, this wasn’t really emphasized in any other Mario Party
game besides this one. The odds of seeing something like this return
are really slim, but it doesn’t hurt to imagine this happening.
Perhaps making this an unlock-able  option would create more happy
party-goers. Though, taking this idea and incorporating into Mario
Party 9 is simply not enough. It would make it a great addition if
the color of clothing, the type of clothing and even the style of
clothing could be chosen for playing on a board map. Now I may be
exaggerating as this isn’t in anyway a fashion game, but it would be
a nice addition if you had the ability to wear a costume suitable to
the environment and theme of the board and have it customizable. Of
course, this would need to be optional, because not everyone would
bother using something such as this. What about the mini-games? Sure!
Bring on some Abandon Ship or
some classic Bombs Away!
Mini-games such as those (maybe not the exact ones) would be very
excelling for the fun and excitement department. Those might not be
the best mini-games, but I know a lot of Mario Party players which
really enjoy those particular mini-games. The Skeleton Key item was
also something which was pretty nice. Instead of landing on a
particular space to be taken to a hidden spot with extra stuff, how
about by your “ticket” to enter into that hidden spot like in the
old days? So which board map should possibly make it as a fictional
retro-board? Space Land! Modernize it a bit aka, remove the
“flatness” of the board (give it some dimension) and you’ve got
the perfect candidate for a retro-board.

Party 3 really doesn’t introduce more new anything to the entire
series, besides some new characters and some new board maps as well.
The Duel Mode was something that actually seemed like it was going in
the right direction, but that idea didn’t really evolve any further
(with respect to how it was in Mario Party 3). Perhaps have different
types of stuff going on in the maps, because some of the duel maps
seem to be very plain, vague, boring etc. Some newer innovative ideas
would be pretty helpful right now for this. Duel Mode of Mario Party
3 can be a good choice to put into Mario Party 9 (of course with more
modernized standards), but it needs to be changed for the better. Most of the time, it’s mainly completed by chance (especially in
Pipesqueak) and though
it may not be a bad thing if it was based on chance, everyone playing
on these maps do happen to have all equal chances of victory. So no
complaints. Really, there’s nothing else in Mario Party 3 (besides
modernized versions of mini-games and board maps) which is exciting
enough to come onto Mario Party 9. So…

about Mario Party 4? Though the majority of the boards are considered
by some as “flat”, they happen to have depth, they have a lot of
animations, they have a lot of dimension and aren’t just plainly flat
like in the 3 previous installments of Mario Party. The first obvious
transfer would have to be both from the total board maps and
mini-games. Who doesn’t want to play on Toad’s Midway
with some new
improvements in visuals (very slight though), and some new elements
which could be introduced in Mario Party 9 that haven’t been revealed
yet. Speaking of revealing, what about the lottery shop? It allows
you to reveal whether you’re lucky or not, and that’s just for a
couple coins. Some don’t like it because of luck. Hello? Board games
involve luck, even lottery of any kind requires luck, so why not test
your luck once more in one of these Lottery Shops? They were always
fun when you reached one even if you didn’t win anything. You COULD
have won the Mushroom Kingdom lottery at that time. Some mini-games
should return like Challenge Booksquirm,
but instead have it be a normally played mini-game and not only
available in a special mode. Mr. Blizzard’s Brigade would
also be fun! Anyway, the item system of this game were probably very
general, but they really worked. Simple items that are used quickly
and effortlessly; however, it would be nice if the Super
[Mega] Mushroom
didn’t have the
side-effect of skipping the board events you happen too stroll by. As
for Hosts, having multiple hosts for each board does also seem really
nice if they happen to do that. The question would be, who? The same
hosts from this game? Maybe. And now besides some Boards, mini-games,
Lottery Shop and items, there’s really nothing else to add from Mario
Party 4 as a specific.

that’s all what I can think of which can make it onto Mario Party 9
if the developers do choose to input some old-fashion stuff from the
old days of Mario Party. This was Part 1, in Part 2, I’ll see what
stuff of Mario Party 5-8 can be re-used again for Mario Party 9 for
the means of innovation.

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