Mario Party 5 – Duel Mini-Games

Mario Party 5 Duel Mini-Games by cookieboy17
      So I’ve been playing Mario Party 5’s Story Mode lately. And it hasn’t been easy. But I’ve found myself getting frustrated by the quality of the duel games more than anything else. Most of the games do not take much skill to win. There’s not much games that stand out. A lot of the games are short games as well. So let’s categorize these games:
Luck Games- You just have to get lucky… (Why there is even 1 luck duel game is beyond me)
Pound of Peril
Get a Rope

Semi-Luck Games- You can control your own destiny but still have to get lucky
Bound of Music
Whomp Maze
Head Waiter

Button Mashing Games
Pump n’ Jump
Merry Poppins
Wind Wavers
Button Mashers

Quick Trigger
Countdown Pound
Shy Guy Showdown

Bang, 11 of the 15 duel games just got listed. And none of them are true skill games. That’s over 2/3rds the games that require little to no skill. Little to no skill basically means someone who has never played Mario Party before can pick up the controller and win the game easily. And these are duel games with high stakes which may include having stars on the line. Duel games do not appear a lot in Mario Party 5, which is probably a good thing. Now let’s get to the other 4 games, I suppose:

The Others
Blown Away (a fun and…ok game but can be a short game with the right shot combo)
Piece Out (puzzle game which is ok despite the CPU putting pieces down at a crazy fast rate)
Shock Absorbers (a good game though the CPU is a complete beast at this game)
Sky Survivor (a good game, about accident avoidance)

Minus Piece Out which is more of a brainy puzzle game these are the games that take some skill to win. If you’re not good at button mashing you’re really screwed in the Story Mode which is pretty unfair. And of course luck games or even semi-luck games are never good. The quick trigger games are not too hard against to CPU but barely require skill. I guess these kind of duel games will always keep your 7 year old cousin in the game but it doesn’t do you any good.