Gamescom – Mario Party 9 a No Show

Since it’s announcement at E3 2011 this past June, Nintendo has been hush on it’s long awaited ninth installment in the Mario Party series. This past week saw the German based Gamescom event where Nintendo showed off a variety of games and even pulled out a few announcements. Mario Party 9, however, did not make a showing.

Nintendo is again showing off it’s latest lineup at PAX in Seattle this week with games like Zelda: Skyward Sword, Kirby: Return to Dreamland and Rhythm Heaven for Wii. Again, no sign of Mario Party.

So where can Nintendo be hiding this little title? With a single trailer and a few screens as our only information, it’s safe to say that Mario Party 9 will not be released until 2012.

The Tokyo Game Show is coming up this September, the 13th to be exact. Surprisingly, Nintendo’s attendance record isn’t the best over at TGS, but if any Nintendo games are shown, let’s hope one of them is Mario Party 9.