Mario Party 5’s Last 5 Turns Event

Mario Party 5’s Last 5 Turns events were crazy. Maybe too crazy? For a brief history on the Last 5 Turns of the previous Mario Party games, Mario Party 1-3 did not have much events other than all blue and red space values being multiplied by 2, a random player receiving 20 coins, and in 2 & 3, if you landed on the same space as someone else you’d duel. Then they expanded on the idea in Mario Party 4. When the last 5 turns came in Mario Party 4, the last place player would have to spin a random roulette which would have 4 different outcomes: Spaces being multiplied, all red spaces to fortune spaces, all red spaces to Bowser spaces, or free stars. The red space to fortune space is just hell, it doesn’t make the game fun just hectic. Unless you like stress then that’s for you. The red to Bowser wasn’t as bad. The free stars were just annoying but not terrible, it’s worth trying out.

Then came Mario Party 5. There were also 4 different outcomes in Mario Party 5 as the last place player still had to spin a random roulette. But it gets messier. The good news is there’s no more red spaces to fortune spaces option. There’s also no free stars. The other 2 options stay, somewhat. The red spaces to Bowser Spaces is still out there and the blue/red space multiplier still exists. But this time Mario Party 5 bumped it up to x3 instead of the usual x2. Then came the new options. Free stars got eliminated for a different option. 5 stars. All at once. The option puts 5 star spaces on the board at once at all times during the last 5 turns. And there’s only 6 possible locations for the stars so they will all practically stay in the same place. The best strategy is to try to stay in the area where you can get multiple stars quickly. The stars are still 20 coins though, so you’ll probably find yourself scrapping for cash.

The other option gets crazier. As you know, you can put capsules on spaces in Mario Party 5. Imagine if there was a capsule on every single blue and red space. That’s what the other option is. The game just overrides every blue and red space with a random capsule, overriding any other previous capsule spaces on the board before. Now this is when all hell breaks loose. You basically have 5 turns of people landing on random capsule spaces. One person may land on a Toady, the next on a Chain Chomp, next person on a Piranha Plant, and to top it all off someone lands on a Wiggler. For 5 turns. The game has the potential to get flipped upside down. While it is crazy you can see why some people may get upset if they lose their item and then a star somehow because of this. But really, this is better than having 10 fortune spaces on the board. You have slightly more control with the items on the board. Thankfully, they took out the all capsule spaces idea in MP6 as well as the 5 stars and really settled down the last 5 turns. In the end, it makes the madness of Mario Party 5 not so bad since it’s a one game deal but there’s a big chance the game can change dramatically. But madness is not always a bad thing.