Mario Party 4 Mini-Games Done, New Featues, and More

The minigame page for Mario Party 4 has slowly come to a close as the Bowser, Battle and Story minigames were finished up today. Check them out by hitting the links below!

Battle Story Bowser

I’d also like to bring to attention the recent work of staff memeber Cookieboy17 who contributed 3 articles to the Features page. Hit the links to see the newest additions to the page!

Bowser Time Item System 4 Years Passing By

Another shout out to Icefrio from GameFAQs, who created a Mario Party podcast, detailing every game in the series to date. Definitely check it out.

Mario Party Podcast

And on an ending note, be sure to check back here Monday to see a new feature here on the site that highlights a different aspect of Mario Party through videos and articles daily. It is something some of our members have been planning and it’s great to finally see it happening.