Mario Party 4 Mini-Games, Facebook, and Twitter

With Easter 2011 come and gone, work on the site has begun again. The Mario Party 4 Mini-Games page has been updated with 4-Player, 1vs3 and 2vs2 mini-games complete with info and screens. Check them out at the link below:


In addition to the update, Mario Party Legacy has joined forces with the almighty social networking powers! Mario Party Legacy now has a facebook page (that we strongly suggest you “Like”) and a Twitter feed. Hit the links below to see the Facebook and Twitter pages, respectively.


 Also, we have a new video page dedicated to Madame Wario. She is a user at Youtube, and she loves Mario Party as well. Sushi Boy and cookieboy17 will put in videos in her page soon. Check it out in the mean time by going to Videos under Mario Party on the right column.