Boards, Spaces, Screens and Items Updated for Mario Party 4!

The Mario Party 4 page has been updated again! This time we bring you the Items, Spaces and Screens page along with a redone Boards page with high resolution screens of the maps and brand new images that don’t make your eyes bleed! Check them all out at the links below!


And as many of you know, I will be on haitus from the site until Easter. Check the Forum for more details on that. However, the website will not be left in the dark because we have new members helping with the site. Vipsoccermaster, the guy who runs our polls every week, will be working on a new feature here at MPL. Everyday we will have a new fun fact related to the Mario Party series, seen at the top of the right column. Be sure to check back daily for the Daily Fact!

In addition to the Daily Fact, the Videos page will be revamped by our two Forum membrs, Cookieboy17 and Wolf. Be sure to check back in the coming weeks on new videos along with the redesign of the page.