3 Years and Counting!

From The Super Mario Party Site to Mario Party Legacy, and Blazing Winter to Conquering Kingdoms, a lot has happened in the past year. Today, we wrap it all up and celebrate the 3rd Anniversary of Mario Party Legacy! We have an award ceremony going on throughout the day so be sure to check it out in the Forum. Later today we will be announcing the winners of Mario Party 2 Virtual Console Giveaway!

And a huge thanks to Joey, the guy who has been hostiing our site free, for the last three years!


Until then, check out some of stats for the past year:


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1. United States (27,613,576)

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3. Australia (1,226,943)

4. Puerto Rico (662,976)

5. Great Britain (642,371)


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1. Shoutbox

2. Forum

3. Home (Website)

4. Mario Party 9

5. Mario Party

6. Mario Party 8

7. Mario Party 2

8. Mario Party 3

9. Mairo Party 7

10. Mario Party 4


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1. Youtube Videos

2. Mario Wiki – Links

3. Manly Party Forum

4. Forum N

5. Mario Monsters


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1. mario party 9

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3. mario party legacy

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