Last Update of 2010 and Mario Party 2 VC Giveaway!!!

The last update of 2010 is upon us and today I bring you the remaining minigames of Mario Party 3 including the Item and Duel Minigames. This year may have been a slow one, but we managed to finish content on the Mario Party 2 pages including all the minigames. All the content for Mario Party 3 was created this year with only a few things here and there to fix. Of course, one of the major happenings of this year was our name change. Gone (but not forgotten!) is the Super Mario Party Site, in turn we now have Mario Party Legacy, a welcomed change. We did not get to see a new Mario Party this year, and we even found out that we might not see a new Mario Party for quite some time. But to try and end on a better note, we are doing a little giveaway…


We are giving out 2 copies of Mario Part 2 on the Virtual Console!! One goes to existing members of the Forum and another goes to all the new members who register after December the 20th! All you have to do is make 10 posts and you are eligible to win the prize! The deadline is January the 13th and we will announce the winners on January the 14th, the 3 year anniversary of Mario Party Legacy! If you haven’t joined the Forum, what are you waiting for?? Have a great time and a Happy New Year!