Mario Party Legacy

After two and a half years of The Super Mario Party Site, please welcome Mario Party Legacy! I realized a name change was needed and this certainly helps many aspects of the site. First off, we get a shorter and simpler URL. The name is also easier to remember and is not hard to mix up. With the name change also came a new, dark theme. A few changes were also made to the Mario Party pages and general pages have been added.

In addition to the name change, we also opened up two new subdomains! First off, we have Forum Portal! Forum Portal is basically a database of Forums where anyone can easily find a new Forum to join. The second subdomain, Flaming Controller, is a new site centered around video games in general with information on games and news. These subdomains are part of the new MPL Network and can be accessed at any time on the left sidebar. And here are the links just in case:

Vipsoccermaster will now be helping with getting content on the site. He is responsible for getting the General pages done so many thanks to Vip. 🙂

And as a result of the name change, the Forum got a name change as well and a theme to match the stie. Make sure to leave your thoughts in our comments below.