Change in Member System

We have quite a few updates today, the biggest being that we are getting rid of the member system we have here. Instead we will stick with the Forum for members to register and post at. The reason for this is because the main site did not offer enough to have seperate members from the Forum. All the member’s profiles that registered here on the main site, are now deleted and we encourage you to join the Forum instead. The only members that still have a profile here are Vipsoccermaster, berrylarry200, madstarr, H-J Kaabii, and myself. All these members are contributing to the main site in some way and I may be looking for more when the time comes.

All 2000+ members that were registered at the Forum were sent an email about the changes. There is also a “Become a Member” link in the Quick Links block for previous members of the main site and any newcommers to the Forum. So if you notice increased activity in the Forum and a bunch of new members, this is why.

Comments will still be available to make here on the main site but you do not need to be logged in anymore and you also do not have to preview your message. The comment submission form is posted right under the article now.

Poll Updates will be made in the Poll Updates block to the left and will no longer be made as site news.

News items now have automatic time and day along with the member who posted the news item.

Thats about it. Remember to register in the Forum if you do not already do so. Thanks.