RUMOR: Mario Party 9 to be unveiled in next Nintendo Power?

The last page of the Nintendo Power Magazine gives us something to look forward to. The page states that a new game for the Wii will be unveiled in next month’s issue while showing an image of Mario. What is interesting is the image is from the Mario Party 8 promotional art and could be a nod to a new mario game, more specifically, a new Mario Party. If you remember back in October, Charles Martinet, the voice of Mario tweeted about recording for a new Mario game that was not Galaxy 2 so we definetly know that a new Mario game is sure to be announced (New Mario Game? Mario Party 9?). So could this finally be a new Mario Party game? Find out in the next issue of Nintendo Power coming out next month.



Thanks to madstarr and The Tanooki for information and image.

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