Results of Mario Party 9 New Character Poll And New Poll Up

The poll “Which New Character Do You Want For Mario Party 9?” has been up for over a month. The poll was open to members and guests alike. We had a total of 324 votes. Here are the final results : 

1. Rosalina (102 votes)

2. Diddy Kong (62 votes)

3. Shy Guy (50 votes)

4. Petey Pirahna (34 votes)

5. Koopa Troopa (26 votes)

6. Kamek (21 votes)

7. Goomba (15 votes)

8. Wiggler (14 votes)

So Rosalina is the most wanted new character for Mario Party 9. We will have a new poll every week, but guests will no longer be able to vote in the polls. If you want to vote and comment in the polls, you have to register first (its really easy) and you can even discuss Mario Party and other topics of interest in the Forum.

Also, the new poll is up. It’s about desert boards.