Happy Birthday SMPS

Yes, The Super Mario Party Site has been up for an entire year. Officially opened January 14, 2008, the site has had many changes and quite a few rough patches.

To accomodate with the 1st anniversary, the home page layout has been switched to the original SMPS Green Layout from back when the site first started. With broken links and blank pages the SMPS suffered by an nonfunctional website with no content. Slowly it came. The Mario Party 8 page (which is now complete with a few errors) was the most updated page on the site. The layout was changed to a better looking blue with better functionality. The site is continuing to grow as updates are being made.

The forum has a had a hard hit too. The forum started at about the same time as the site. It grew and eventually came to 150 + members, thanks to many of you who made it possible. We did have some recent hacks and the data is gone and we had to start over this New Years. Thanks to our loyal members who came back and started over despite loosing a lot of the stuff they had worked for.

The SMPS is still here and its going to get better. Im working on changing a lot to make everything even better and things like Downloads, Character profiles, and of course the game pages will continue to update as I get the stuff in. The SMPS has jumped many of the obstacles that it has faced but we have overcome most of them and we are ready to continue with an even better second year.

Happy Birthday SMPS

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