Mario Party Legacy

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World Castle – Super Mario 3D World Stamp Locations Guide

World Castle contains a single Stamp to collect in every level.


World Castle-1: Fort Fire Bros.

Right before the Goomba Tower is a Firebar with a Question Block. Ground pound the block to have it rise in the air, taking you right to the Stamp.


World Castle-2: Switchblack Ruins

Before you jump of the moving platform, jump to the right to find a small area with the Stamp.


World Castle-3: Red Hot Run

Before the third Green Star is a series of donut lifts. Stay on the left side and jump across to grab the Stamp.


World Castle-4: Boiling Blue Bully Bell

While you are running on the platforms with the arrows, notice a small platform on your left. Jump to it to find the Stamp.


World Castle-5: Trick Trap Tower

Super Bell required! After you grab the first Green Star, immediately climb up the wall to find the Stamp resting on cloud platforms.


World Castle-6: Rammerhead Reef

Near the end of the level is a small indention in the wall. Avoid the Rammerheads and enter the indention to find the Stamp.


World Castle-7: Simmering Lava Lake

You’ll see this Stamp under a grate where lava constantly enters and exits. As soon as the lava flows away, sprint to the Stamp, then quickly run out.


World Castle-Castle: Bowser’s Lava Lake Keep

Above the area where you hit the switch to bring down the bridge, wall jump to the top to find the Stamp.


World Castle-Tent

Hop into the tent for an easy stamp!


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