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Super Mario 3D World – Hidden Luigis Guide

8-bit Luigis are hidden all throughout Super Mario 3D World, and we’re asking the community to help us find them all! If you find a hidden Luigi that is not already in our guide, simply leave a comment on the appropriate page and we will add it in!



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  • CuriousUser

    After the Year of Luigi Ends, could the 8-bit Luigi’s be taken out?

    • supamawiol0l

      I hope not. From now on I’m reading the details of the updates so I don’t accidentally delete the Luigi’s if they take them out.

    • SuperZambezi

      I highly highly doubt they would take out a cool little feature like this for any reason.

      • CuriousUser

        These were added with 2013 being the Year of Luigi and to celebrate it.

        • BlooperLover

          Still, I don’t see an important reason to take them out , since there already in the game, why take them out??

        • T0blet

          They serve as a reminder that this game was released in the Year of Luigi.

          • CuriousUser

            To those that play the game after the Year of Luigi is over that wouldn’t have known about it may be confused to see 8 bit Luigi’s about.

    • Yoshiman222

      What do you think?
      Why make a worthless update that would simply remove a small, cool thing already inserted into the game’s coding?
      Would be a waste of time and money on Nintendo’s behalf.

  • Kamek#1fangirl

    I like the 8 bit luigi’s in the game 🙂

  • Braystar


  • Bowser498

    General 8-bit Luigi Extra: On the “Map of Sprixie Kingdom” page, be Luigi and you will be an 8-bit Luigi. Although, the Luigi isn’t in Fire Flower form.

  • Bowser498

    General 8-bit Luigis…:
    -Title Screen: Once you beat the game, there will be an 8-bit Luigi on the bottom-left side of the screen.
    -Introduction: Mixed in with the items coming out of the Clear Pipe, there will be a few 8-bit Luigis coming out.
    -Occasionally, an 8-bit Luigi might pop out of a ? Block.
    -Sprixie Tent: Move the 1st bird to the left to see an 8-bit Luigi. He will leave a few seconds after this happens.
    -Slots Game: If you get a jackpot, 8-bit Luigis will be mixed in with the coins.
    -Overworld Map: If you go onto the Overworld Map as Luigi, there will be an 8-bit Luigi (not in fire form) moving to the world with you in the world that you choose. Once you get to that world, the 8-bit Luigi will go away until you go back to the Overworld Map.

  • Justin

    Do not know if it appears in other stages, sometimes in Pipeline Lagoon, Cheep Cheeps have 8-Bit Luigis in their mouths.

  • Also, an 8-bit Luigi can appear on the ball in the Ball Minigame. :p

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  • This video lists some of the early Luigis

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