Mario Party Legacy

World 1-1: Super Bell Hill – Super Mario 3D World Green Stars Guide

World 1-1 contains three Green Stars and a single Stamp to collect. If you’re looking for the Stamp in this level, click here see our list of every Stamp in World 1!


Green Star #1

Right above the first open pit is a clear pipe. Enter the pipe and exit through the top to get to the very first Green Star. Alternatively, run along the top of the pipe until you reach the star.


Green Star #2

After hitting the Checkpoint Flag, run over the small pond and begin chasing the rabbit. Catch the rabbit to have it release the second Green Star.


Green Star #3

Mega Mushroom required! In the area with the Checkpoint Flag, find the tall bell tree. Climb up the tree and hop up onto the next area. Chase down the giant rabbit to have it release a Mega Mushroom. In your Mega form, jump off the ledge and run across the bridge. When you make it to the end, ground pound through the giant brick blocks. This will take you down to an area with the third and final Green Star.