Mario Party Legacy

Special Thanks!

A Special Thanks…

All this wasn’t possible without all those generous people out there. My two biggest thanks go to Joey of and Nintendo Host and TheUnknown of A huge thanks to Joey for not only hosting my site for free with Nintendo Host, but also tackling questons nearly everyday about html, php, ftp, etc. Another huge thanks to TheUnknown for giving me tips and advice on my site and keeping faith in my site when it was barely anything. A few more special thanks to mariofan619 (GameFAQs) for keeping some of my topics bumped while I was gone including the “The Super Mario Party Updates”, Dustof_DryBones (GameFAQs) for helping me in the FAQ, and Toadette-something- (GameFAQs) for providing me with MP7 and MP8 item descriptions and more. And one more special thanks to David of for actually linking to my FreeWebs site when no one else did (with exception of and

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