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Redpepper Volcano – Paper Mario: Color Splash Walkthrough

Redpepper Volcano is the twenty-seventh level of Chapter 6 in Paper Mario: Color Splash. Keep reading for tips and secrets on how to complete the level, along with other cool tidbits in our Walkthrough!

Mini Star #1

Before you head into this level, make sure you have the following items: Basin Thing, Magma Burger & Fishing Rod (all three are in Fort Cobalt), and the Bottle Opener (in The Golden Coliseum).

Enter the level and walk all the way to the right, past the Blue Snifit, across the lava, and into the hole. There you’ll meet the Draggadon you colored in with the orange Big Paint Star. He isn’t too happy to see you, so make a mad dash to the left as he chases you across the lava.

Once you reach the starting pathway, hide in the area where the Blue Snifit was to avoid his extremely damaging fire breath. Once that has passed, run up to Draggadon and enter Cutout mode to place the Basin over his head. Slightly knocked out, hop onto his head and whip out your Fishing Rod and Magma Burger to get him to take you wherever you like. Head over to the door in the back.

The next area is full of enemies, but it’s a fairly simple section. Going on the bridges will have Lava Bubbles bounce your way, so make sure you are always moving when crossing. If you go into the first door, you’ll enter a room with the Mini Star, but there is nothing you can do since the other end of the warp pipe needs to be colored in. Return to the normal room and head through the door on the right.

Now you’ll be doing some side-stepping. Time your jumps to avoid hitting the Spiny enemies and of course, the lavafalls. Keep moving to the right, then drop down where you see the line of coins. Continue on to the right, avoiding the rising lava. Head through the next door.

Jump across the platforms in the lava but don’t stop moving. Doing so will surely get you in the crosshairs of the Fire Bros. Once you reach the other side, color in the lava spot, starting from the further end to the area closest to normal ground, the hop onto the Draggadon.

Use him to crush your enemies and the platforms! You’ll have to make a stop over on the right so that you can walk over and fill in some more colorless lava. Since there are a lot of Lava Bubbles in this area, a good strategy is to move in a zig zag formation to avoid any battles. Once that is clear, hop back onto the Draggadon and use it to reach the area near the next door.

You’ve made it to the final room! Color in the warp pipe, then enter Cutout mode to put the Bottle Opener over the suspiciously looking bottle like formation to release a ton of lava into the area. Ride the Draggadon over to the right to rescue the Red Toad Rescue Squad member, then head over to the Mini Star to unlock Redpepper Crater!

Mini Star #2

After getting another Magma Burger from Fort Cobalt, return to Redpper Volcano and hop onto the Draggadon. Use him to make your way to the south side of the first area to find a little area with the Mini Star. This will create a path to Plum Park!

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2 thoughts on “Redpepper Volcano – Paper Mario: Color Splash Walkthrough

  1. Marc Lovallo

    Make sure you have a Bottle Opener and Basin, as well as the Fishing Pole and Magma Burger (bought in Fort Cobalt). Go to Marmalade Valley. Talk to a Toad about the Draggadon fossil, and they’ll advise you to speak to the professor. Go to Chateau Chanterelle. Talk to the professor, and he’ll advise you to go to Redpepper Volcano. Go to Redpepper Volcano.

    Walk all the way to the right and into the next area. Draggadon will appear. As it starts to attack, run to the left and watch out for falling rocks. Once you’re away from the lava, hide behind the tall rock to avoid being hit by Draggadon’s fire breath. Walk up to Draggadon, enter Cutout mode, and place the Basin on the space. The Basin will fall on Draggadon’s head, causing it to sink into the lava. When Draggadon reemerges, jump onto its head. Tie the Magma Burger to the Fishing Pole and hold it in front of Draggadon’s face, making it follow the sandwich. Doing this, have Draggadon swim over to the platform where the two Blue Sniffits are talking and go into the cave.

    In the next area, watch out for Lava Bubbles at the bridge. Past the bridge is another exit, but don’t go there just yet. There’s another exit past the bridge on the right; go in there. Walk along the edges of the wall and fall down through the gap that has coins leading down. Go to the right to collect an Instant Camera Replica card. Go to the left, back out to where you first came in through. Back on the top edges, go to the right past the Spike Tops and toward the Fuzzies. Once you get past the Fuzzies, make your way toward the exit on the right and into an area with multiple platforms.

    There are four Fire Bros located on these platforms, so be careful when getting past them. There’s a colorless spot on the lava near a ramp located to the right; walk on it and use your Paint Hammer to fill it in. Once the lava is repainted, use the Fishing Pole and dangle the Magma Burger over the lava to bring back Draggadon. Ride Draggadon to a path located to the right that leads to another colorless spot in the lava. Follow the path until you reach the colorless spot and fill it in. Go back to where Draggadon last dropped you off and ride him to where you just repainted the lava. Get off Draggadon and onto the platform that has a Blue Sniffit and a ? Block on it. The Blue Sniffit feels defenseless without the Fire Bros, but then an Ice Bro will appear and try to attack, but only leave Blue and Yellow Paint Blots for you to grab.

    Go into the next area, where you can see the Red Mini Paint Star, but it’s too far for you to reach. Fill in the green Warp Pipe. Enter Cutout mode, and place the Bottle Opener above the giant bottle; opening it will cause lava to erupt from inside, flooding the entire area. Go into the Warp Pipe, which will lead you to a platform where you can lure in Draggadon. In this area, a Red Rescue Toad is clinging to one of the rocks hanging from the ceiling; float towards him and reel Draggadon upwards, knocking him off and onto Draggadon’s back. Bring the Red Rescue Toad to the platform where you first got up on Draggadon
    Get back on Draggadon and ride it over to the platform that has the Mini Paint Star. Before you grab the star, give Draggadon the Magma Burger as a reward for helping you get it.

    After you’ve beaten the level, go back to the shop in Fort Cobalt and buy another Magma Burger. When you return to Redpepper Volcano, use the second Magma Burger to ride Draggadon toward the bottom of the screen in the first area to collect a second Mini Paint Star. On the platform, the Blue Sniffit from before is training a Fire Bro.

    1. CreekGeek

      If you go back at any point after using the basin (I did), the thing toad will say that you need “something that can be mistaken by a weapon but is instead used to open delicious beverages.” So he does say you need the bottle opener (weapon?), but only after you use the basin with the dragon.

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