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Mario Party Legacy

Walkthrough – Paper Mario: Color Splash

Follow our walkthrough and guide for Paper Mario: Color Splash as Mario Party Legacy takes you through every level and world, along with providing tips and secrets to help you beat the game!

Our podcast discussion on Paper Mario: Color Splash is now live and ready! Click here to listen!

You can start our walkthrough by checking our playlist for our video walkthrough above. Otherwise, hit the links below to jump to each section!

 Chapter 1

 Chapter 2

 Chapter 3

 Chapter 4

 Chapter 5

 Chapter 6

The Final Chapter


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29 thoughts on “Walkthrough – Paper Mario: Color Splash

  1. Blue_Eyes620

    great walkthrough-I am the type of player who plays just for fun and I like to have something to help me when I get stuck-since the game is so new most sites don’t have anything up but this site was perfect to help me catch on to a few tips and tricks and beat the game!

  2. Crystal Lau

    do you know where the cut out at? i been looking for over an hrs for this ( Violet isles. the harbor of fortune island the rock wall visible beyond the ship )

  3. Randy

    I have all six of the big paint stars 100% of cutouts and colorization everything but going up the rainbow and beating bowser and I’ve beat 7 rock paper wizards how do I get the other one to show up at roshambo 8.

    1. Randy

      I think I wasn’t watching what I was doing at mossrock theater during the purple mini star and missed getting the hand now I don’t see 8th rock paper wizard coming up can I still get it.

  4. D-Prod

    Hi and thanks for this fantastic guide. It’s been a great help on several occasions. May I ask a question about the Big Green Paint Star which fly’s out of screen after the Emerald Circus Level. It appears to paint the stars on the corners of the map (…?). I presume this is a bonus level – like star road in Super Mario World – or is it something different? Can anyone please explain what this star does and how to get to whatever it unlocks? Thanks in advance.

    1. james

      you have to be patient with it. it comes out much slower than youre expecting it to. focus on it and wait until its just about to hit you. good luck! or congrats if you’ve already figured it out

  5. Borealian

    I have found all the purple squaddies but only one of them has decided to rejoin the squad leader. The other two have vanished, which makes progress very difficult. Anyone have any suggestions?

  6. Dell

    Made it to The Emerald Circus and need one more Red Squad leaders. The last one is in Sunset Express,how do I get back in the train to get him?

  7. Becky Szakacs

    Ugh I can’t buy the magma burger out of stock what do I do I need help please and yes I already checked in items not in there

    1. Bridgett

      I had this problem as well. It said The magma burger and the fishing pole were not in my items list. But I went to the Dragon and tried to use them anyways and it let me, apparently there’s a glitch with the check box.

    2. Jennifer Eversole

      I bought the Magma burger at the cafe in Fort Cobalt. From what I remember you’ll need it for the next level too, so if you give it away at the end you’ll need to but another one (from the cafe in Fort Cobalt).

  8. Jason J Kimpel

    Roshambo temple 8 won’t show on the map even though I have all the mini paint stars from Mossrock Theatre. Any ideas?

  9. Alicia Madrid

    He says “this is a ghost only area” type of thing…. gets embarrassed and hides back in the water and the shyguys peeking fall over. It’s not a fight.

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