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Paper Mario: Color Splash – Guides and Walkthrough

Welcome to our Paper Mario: Color Splash guide! Here you’ll find detailed walkthroughs of each level and world, along with tips and secrets to help you get through the game.

Our podcast discussion on Paper Mario: Color Splash is now live and ready! Click here to listen!

This guide is currently a work in progress, so be sure to come back and check later! This will be a written guide alongside a video walkthrough.

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20 thoughts on “Paper Mario: Color Splash – Guides and Walkthrough

  1. Veganpunk

    This is the best written walkthrough I’ve seen on the net. I’m old school, and hate video walkthroughs. Thank you for this.

    1. SuperZambezi

      I really agree, it’s always nice to be able to quickly skim through and find what you need. Videos are nice, but they have their disadvantages!

  2. Meredith Salley

    I’m desperate, could you possibly help me?? I’ve been using your walkthrough to help 100% the game after attempting black Bowser’s castle. I’m afraid that my game has somehow glitched, because I cannot prompt Huey to want to act as a bucket so i can continue in black Bowser’s castle. I continually reach the end of the conveyor and am knocked off because I do not have a bucket. I have tried everything I can possibly think of besides deleting my data and restarting the game. Any suggestions? Thanks.

    1. Omniterasu

      Not sure if you have figured it out yet, but you have to press up on the d-pad for a “huey hint”. I never used it the entire time i played the game so when i got to this part i was completely stumped myself until i randomly took a look at the controls and it dawned on me to try it and it worked. Really frustrating I know >_>

  3. Becky Szakacs

    I really need help I got all the blue toads in fort cobalt but they some how did not show up to where the leader and train are I’ve gone back through the level a million times and they not there can I restart this level or do u have any clue what to do

  4. Katelyn Behr

    I’m stuck I got all three toads for ruddy road star and only one is there. Also the same with red toad at cherry lake he isn’t showing up at crimson tower

  5. Sonic

    I was Afk and as soon as I got back I was in dark bloo inn and I didn’t know there was a time limit so I had to start it again

  6. Sonic

    Dark bloo inn is really hard I don’t know what to do with the red bird part
    And the clock struck 3 when I figured it out now I don’t know what to do
    I might watch packattack’s walkthrough again

  7. Bull Daggin

    This walkthrough is pretty bad man. There were multiple instances where you just flat left out steps and I had to figure things out by trial and error. You also seem to struggle with knowing the difference between left and right.

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