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World Star Moon Coins – New Super Mario Bros. 2

Note that the Coins that you collect in this World are called “Moon Coins” and have the moon icon from Super Mario World on them.


To access World Star, clear World 6 and have 90 Star Coins (you should have them, seeing as you’ve been following this guide =P) – you will need to spend the Star Coins to access Star-1.


You’ll see this Moon Coin after the first windmill of blocks. Hit the block to the right and step on the P-Switch. drop down, wait for the P-Switch chime to finish, then go in the pipe, which will launch you into the Moon Coin.

The Moon Coin is to the lower right of the second block windmill after the checkpoint. To get it, you’ll need a Koopa’s shell, which you can toss from the second windmill (a bit risky); or you can make a path to the right of the Moon Coin through ground pounds, and toss the shell that way.

Just before the flagpole, you’ll see a Moon Coin and a ? Switch. Don’t hit the switch until you’ve collected the Moon Coin. If you revealed a P-Switch in the blocks to the left, it’s safe to press it as it turns the brick blocks enclosing the Moon Coin into coins.




Just be careful of the platforms’ movements as you jump to collect this Moon Coin.




The next Moon Coin is right after the checkpoint, but as it’s in a pit, you’ll need a Koopa shell to collect it for you – the Koopa to your right should work nicely.



The last Moon Coin is under a group of donut lifts. If you’re confident in your jumping and reaction times, stay on the donut lifts and let them fall (with you aboard) to the Moon Coin; otherwise the old Koopa shell method works.




When you see the first Super Whomp and a blue pipe to its left, dive into the water to the left of the pipe, and enter the hole in the floor. You’ll end up in a room with Peepas surrounding a Moon Coin. You’ll have to stay swimming in the middle as there are currents at the top and bottom that will push you to the left.

After the checkpoint, pass the Super Whomp and the two Whomps. When you land on the platform to the right of the Whomps (two Peepas circle around it), a brick block platform will appear to your left. Use it to jump up to a small platform that is above the Whomps, and the Moon Coin will be an easy grab.

Find the Super Whomp hiding the red ring. Continue right to the next Super Whomp, and when it falls over, jump off its left side to land on a platform with coins directing you to jump left. Do so, and you’ll land on two platforms above the earlier Super Whomp. A vine is hidden above the coins on the left platform. Climb the vine, and the last Moon Coin is behind the Super Whomp here – beware the Peepas.




You’ll want to collect the Mini Mushroom for later. In the auto-scrolling room, when you see the second Koopa Troopa, jump to the log platform above and to its left (use the moving platforms as needed) to grab the Moon Coin.


Stay mini through the scrolling section. At the end, don’t take the blue pipe, but drop down on to the water, and run across to the green mini pipe (beware the Porcupuffer). The Moon Coin is in the middle of the room.


In the next scrolling section, you’ll see a series of moving platforms oscillating in a wave. The Moon Coin is between the third and fourth moving platforms at the trough of their movement. If you’re daring, you could run under the platforms and across the water when the Porcupuffer is on the far left, but it might be safer to just wait on the third or fourth platform and grab the Moon Coin that way.




Lure the Lakitu to the blue mushroom platforms and two ? Blocks. Defeat it and ride it cloud up, following the coin trail and picking up the Moon Coin.



The next Moon Coin is precariously placed under a low level set of scale lift platforms. The Koopa Troopa offsets your weight so you’ll want to get rid of it so the left platform dips low enough for you to grab the Moon Coin.


After the Koopa Troopa and two ground level blocks, you will be tackling some scale lift platformswith a Lakitu in hot pursuit. Defeat it (a shell is useful here) and ride it up above the third scale lift platform (the first elevated one) into a pipe in the sky. A Moon Coin is among the coin cache in the room you enter.




Be careful of Fishbones as you grab this Moon Coin above the top path.





Go up the pink pipe and claim the Moon Coin inside, using the coin trails to evade the Fishbones.




This Moon Coin is at the end of the scrolling water section, protected by Fishbones. Nothing too special here (but try not to be Fire Mario…).




An easy one to spot, you’ll want to run and jump at the Moon Coin just as the Podoboo begins its descent, otherwise it’ll hop up again and hit you.



There is a set of two ? Blocks to the right of the checkpoint. Jump in between them to reveal a vine, and climb it. Do your best to dodge the fireballs and firebars as you make your way across the donut lifts (perhaps bring a Star in your item box?), and the Moon Coin is yours after you make the donut lift with the sign destabilize and fall.

Another easily found Moon Coin. Do your best to dodge the fireballs from the right and the arcing fireballs from the lava as you snag the Moon Coin from above the donut lift.




You’ll have to hide in front of brick walls in order not to get turned into stone by the Koopalings. The first Moon Coin is on a low metal fence. It’s best to wait for the Koopalings’ spell to have fired before going for this one, and beware the buzzsaw as you continue on.

Take refuge on the rope and in front of the brick wall, then when the spell is over drop down (beware the spikes) and run across the donut lifts to grab the Moon Coin.



This is it, the last Moon Coin (and therefore last Special Coin in the game). In the second Koopaling section (after the checkpoint room), ride the snake block past the first protective brick wall. Quickly jump onto the metal fence (triggering the appearance of the Moon Coin), hop on the rope and grab the Moon Coin, then drop back onto the snake block and to the safety of the next brick wall before you get turned to stone. The Super Leaf works wonders here. If you’ve made it this far, well done, but now you’ll have to survive until the Boss Door.



This completes the Star Coin Guide. Congratulations if you’ve collected every single Star Coin and Moon Coin! Now go get a five-star ranking on your save file!



Huge thanks to IGN for the screens!