Mario Party Legacy

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Mario Party Secrets

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Secret Boards

Magma Mountain – Buy it from the Mushroom Shop for 980 Coins after clearing each of the initial boards once.

Eternal Star – After playing all the boards, collect 100 Stars and then visit the Mushroom Bank.

Mario Party Shop Unlockables

Item Type When Effect Cost
Magma Mountain New Board After Playing all 6 Boards Unlock Bowser Board 980
No Boo On Board After Beating Eternal Star Boo will no longer appear 500
No Koopa On Board After Beating Eternal Star Koopa will no longer appear 500
Credits Mode (Mushroom Bank) After Beating Eternal Star Credits will play 100

Mini-Game Unlockables

Bumper Ball Maze 1 – Beat Toad in Slot Car Derby 2 in Mini-Game Island

Bumper Ball Maze 2 – Beat Toad in Slot Car Derby 2 in Mini-Game Island after clearing all 49 other Mini-Games

Bumper Ball Maze 3 – Set new records in Bumper Ball Maze 1 and 2


Get more Stars and Coins for Mushroom Shop

When playing a board game by yourself, on the last turn, plug in extra controllers and change the computer players to human players. Now when you finish the board, you will get every player’s coins and stars added to the Mushroom Shop.

Contributed by: Vipsoccermaster, cookieboy17, the lone sin, SuperZambezi

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