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Mario Party: The Top 100 – Minigames

Mario Party: The Top 100 includes 100 of the best minigames from all ten console Mario Party titles. Our list of Mario Party: The Top 100 minigames shows titles and images of each minigame, including which game they originate from. Each game has a different amount of minigames represented:

All images coming soon!

MP1 6 MP5 17 MP9 10
MP2 13 MP6 9 MP10 4
MP3 12 MP7 12
MP4 14 MP8 3

Curious to know which minigames we knew about before the game was released? Check out our Every Minigame in Mario Party: The Top 100 So Far page for that!

Mario Party (1)

Shy Guy Says Bombs Away
Face Lift Tug o’ War
Piranha’s Pursuit Desert Dash


Mario Party 2

Slot Car Derby Shell Shocked
Mecha Marathon Dizzy Dancing
Hexagon Heat Roll Call
Bumper Balls Honeycomb Havoc
Bowser’s Big Blast Handcar Havoc
Speed Hockey Cake Factory
Looney Lumberjacks


Mario Party 3

Snowball Summit Bounce ‘n’ Trounce
Rocking’ Raceway Mush Pit (Toadstool Titan)
Storm Chasers Chip Shot Challenge
Ice Rink Risk The Beat Goes On
Three Door Monty Tidal Toss
Eatsa Pizza Vine with Me



Mario Party 4

Booksquirm Trace Race
Three Throw Mario Speedwagons
Paths of Peril Blame It on the Crane
The Great Deflate Revers-a-Bomb
Order Up Karrening Koopas
Beach Volley Folley The Final Battle!


Mario Party 5

Coney Island Pushy Penguins
Night Light Fright Dinger Derby
Leaf Leap Triple Jump
Later Skater Hotel Goomba
Cage-in Cookin’ Heat Stroke
Squared Away Tube It or Lose It
Defuse or Lose Manic Mallets
Shy Guy Showdown Button Mashers
Ice Hockey


Mario Party 6

Snow Whirled Catch You Letter
Strawbetty Shortfuse Trap Ease Artist
Dizzy Rotisserie Crate and Peril
Rocky Road Slot Trot
Block Star


Mario Party 7

The Final Countdown Monty’s Revenge
Pokey Pummel Track & Yield
Deck Hands Balloon Busters
Dart Attack Pogo-a-Go-Go
Sphere Factor Jump, Man
Vine Country Stick and Spin


Mario Party 8

Crank to Rank At the Chomp Wash
Aim of the Game


Mario Party 9

Logger Heads Bumper Bubbles
Don’t Look Peak Precision
Magma Mayhem Speeding Bullets
Jigsaw Jumble Pier Pressure
Goomba Bowling Tackle Takedown


Mario Party 10

Flash Forward Soar to Score
Jewel Drop Badminton Bash


  • Spongyoshi

    Very disappointing! Mario Party 6 really got no care for exemple..

    • SuperZambezi

      Mario Party 8 says hello.

      • Spongyoshi

        Poor Mario Party 8… But I can see why since the best minigames are probably the duel ones. Same for Mario Party 10 btw. It has some really cool minigames but got ignored…
        I really feel like they selected some widely-known ones and randomly selected the remaining minigames.

  • Spike “R” Jagger

    I thought it would’ve made sense to take 10 of the best mini-games from each installment to, ya know, make things fair and stuff.

    • SuperZambezi

      Same, or at least have it a little more equal.

      MP5 – 17
      MP8 – 3


      • Spike “R” Jagger

        I understand MP8 isn’t the high point of the games, but I’m sure there’s at least 10 decent mini-games on there. Same with MP10

  • anthony92800

    3 minigames for Mario Party 8, seriously? Come on, it may not be the best game but there has to be more than 3 good (or at least decent) minigames.

    • Spongyoshi

      The picks aren’t even the best ones..

      • anthony92800

        Ikr, I feel like they just chose a bunch of random minigames and assumed they were the best.

  • Mellow91

    Really? -Really-, Desert Dash? Of the five 2v2 minigames in MP1, that’s easily the worst one…Bobsled Run, Handcar Havoc (came back as a MP2 game), Deep Sea Divers, I mean…BOMBSKETBALL! Where the heck is Bombsketball!? Geez…

  • Spike “R” Jagger

    I have a question for those here: If you had the chance to choose the Top 100 mini-games and you followed the “10 per entry” rule, what mini-games would you choose?

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