Mario Party Legacy

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Mario Party: Island Tour – General Minigames

Mario Party: Island Tour features 69 General minigames in all.

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Claiming the Cube

Jump and ground-pound to color the white panels as they appear on the cube.

Rope a Slope

Jump over the trees to rappel down the cliff as quickly as possible.

Tragic Carpet Ride

Dodge the Mattermouths and avoid falling off the carpet for as long as possible.

Stretch Run

Stretch the rubber hand to launch your cart as far as possible without going over the edge.

Grid is Good

Place one of your shapes on the board to claim a set of numbers. You’ll win points for the numbers you claimed that weren’t also claimed by your opponents.

Color Me Fast

Color in the pictures of fruit on your Touch Screen. The first to complete 3 pages wins.

Musical Snares

Collect as many musical notes as you can. Special gold notes are worth extra points.

Buzz a Fuzzy

Aim by moving your system, and try to hit as many Fuzzies as possible with an arrow.


Wind your cannon with the Circle Pad as fast as you can. Whoever flies the farthest wins.

Default Record: 300.0 Yards

Goomba to Maneuver

Avoid the obstacles, and lead as many Goombas to the finish line as possible.

Kabob and Weave

Run and jump to avoid the Skewers fora s long as possible.

Tap Dash

Match the character on the top screen by tapping the appropriate panel on the Touch Screen as quickly as possible.


View Page 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 |6

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