Mario Party Legacy

Mario Party DS Boards

Mario Party DS has five boards in all, 1 being unlockable, and most have a different objective. There is no host but there is a narrator, or voice that does all the announcing and explaining. Each board has two item shops and either 1 or 2 hex spots.

Wiggler’s Garden


This is the basic Mario Party board. The objective of the board is to buy a star for 20 coins. After a star is bought it will be randomly place in a different spot on the board. At the top, a Piranha Plant awaits for an unlucky player to land on one of his 3 ? spaces. Land there and you will lose 20 coins. There are also flowers scattered around that can give you a few coins.

Toadette’s Music Room


On this board you must buy Music Notes, that are really Stars, for 5 coins. After one is bought, the next note will move and be priced 5 more coins. Once the note reaches 30 coins, it will go back to being 5 coins. There are also 2 ? space bongos that when landed on, Hammer Bro. will place you somewhere else randomly on the board.

DK’s Stone Statue


The star is positioned in one spot, at the very end, for the whole game. Once you reach the star spot, you can buy as many stars as you want as long as you have enough to pay 20 coins for each. Dry Bones sleeps at the bottom of the board and if you land on one of his ? spaces, you will be thrown to another part of the board.

Kamek’s Library


Kamek has three jars scattered across the board one containing a star and another has 10 coins, while the last one will take you back to the start. All the jars are random so no one knows which one holds the star. The board is also split in 2 and the only way to go from one place to another is to land on a specific ? space.

Bowser’s Pinball Machine


Just like Wiggler’s Garden, you must get to the star and buy it for 20 coins. There are many places to get coins, for example the Slot Machine. If a player ends up in the Star Zone, the player will get 1-3 stars. If you happen to get to Bowser Zone, there is a possibility that you will lose all your coins and stars.