Mario Party Legacy

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Mario Party 9

Mario Party 9 is the ninth installment in the Mario Party series. After a five year hiatus, Mario Party is back, and this time with an all new twist! Instead of the usual board play seen in past Mario Party titles, players now ride together in a single vehicle, collecting as many Mini-Stars as they can to win the game. Mario Party 9 included a Story Mode, as well as Koopa, Shy Guy, and Magikoopa/Kamek as new playable characters.

Release Dates

North America Japan
Friday, March 2, 2012 Thursday, March 8, 2012 Sunday, March 11, 2012 April 26, 2012

Playable Characters

Mario Party 6 has a total of eleven playable characters.

Mario Luigi Peach Daisy
Wario Waluigi Yoshi Toad
Birdo Koopa Troopa (New!) (Unlockable) Shy Guy (New!) (Unlockable) Kamek (New!) (Unlockable)

7 Boards

Toad Road
Bob-omb Factory
Boo’s Horror Castle
Blooper Beach
Magma Mine
Bowser Station
DK’s Jungle Ruins

80 Mini-Games

  • 4-Player – 44
  • 1 vs. 3 – 10
  • Bowser Jr. – 10
  • Boss Battle – 14
  • Extra – 2

5 Modes

  • Party Mode
  • Solo Mode
  • Mini-Game Mode
  • Museum
  • Extras

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