Mario Party Legacy

Mario Party 8 – Duel Mini-Games

Swing Kings

It’s batting practice for everyone as they swing at the different pitches that Shy Guy throws at them. Shy Guy always changes up the pitch so making the adjustment to the type of pitch is key to winning.

Wii Remote: Hold it like a baseball bat and swing at the ball

Aim of the Game

The aim of this game is to shoot 5 cards that have either numbers or multipliers (x2 or x0) and try to have them add up to the highest total. An easy way to get max points is to shoot a 50 card first, then four x2 cards to fill up your 5 card slot and get 800 points.

Wii Remote: Hold straight and aim at the card

A/B: Shoot card

 Bumper Balloons

Each player is given a color balloon to pop and has a car to drive into the baloons. The first player to pop all his/her colored-balloons wins. But you can accidentally pop your opponent’s balloon if you’re not careful.

Wii Remote: Hold Sideways

Control Pad: Move

1: Brake/Reverse

2: Accelerate

Paint Misbehavin’

There are 11 Goombas in the square platform, and the objective is for you to shoot paintballs at them and turn as much of them into your color as opposed to your opponent’s color. You have 30 seconds so manage the time wisely to make your moves.

Wii Remote: Hold sideways

Control Pad: Move

2: Shoot paintball

Shake it Up

Each player has 5 seconds to shake their soda can and make as much soda come out. Short and swift shakes are the keys to winning.

Wii Remote: Hold straight and shake up and down quickly

Saucer Swarm

Another shooting-based battle game. This time you have to try to shoot the mini saucers that are trying to attack you. Make sure they don’t get to you or else they will temporarily stun you. There is a gold mini saucer that its worth 3 points but is hard to get.

Wii Remote: Hold sideways and tilt left/right to move gunner

2: Shoot

Attention Grabber

You’re stranded on an island…but a ship is nearby! Call for help frantically and get the ship’s attention before your opponent does.

Wii Remote: Hold straight and move left and right quickly

Blazing Lassos

You have try to lasso in barrels that are on a circular moving platform. Each barrel has a different point value so make sure to grab the one you want to try to get more points than your opponent in 30 seconds. Timing is key.

Wii Remote: Hold straight… First: Swing remote in a circle to charge up the lasso. Next: Swing remote forward to throw the lasso to the barrel. Last: Swing remote backward to pull barrel out

Wing and a Scare

You’re flying an airplane, but you have to navigate through tight spaces to advance. It’s a race to the end so try to be perfect.

Wii Remote: Hold straight and tilt left/right to turn plane

Lob to Rob

A shooting gallery game where you have to try to shoot the red mushrooms and avoid the Goombas. The mushrooms are 10 points and the Goombas are -10 points. There are also 1-up mushrooms that are worth 30 points. The game is 30 seconds long to try to get the highest score.

Wii Remote: Hold straight and aim

A/B: Shoot

Pumper Cars

It’s a race out of the mine as each player rides a minecar. Short and swift movements are key once again.

Wii Remote: Hold straight and move up and down to move the minecar

Cosmic Slalom

Another race, this time through the slalom. Players have to avoid fences on the course as well as each other. You also have 3 boosts to use during the race that also makes you invincible, use them wisely.

Wii Remote: Hold straight and tilt remote left/right to turn

A/B: Use a boost

Lava Lobbers

Each player is on an opposite side of a broken mine car track. The goal is to shoot your opponent with either a straight shot or a lob shot. Each player has 3 lives, last one standing wins.

Wii Remote: Hold sideways

Control Pad: Move

1: Lob shot

2: Straight shot

Loco Motives

Each player has 6 ballons (2 per track), but also has 3 trains on different tracks that are heading right for the balloons. You have to send the trains away from the balloons whenever they get close. The trains get faster overtime so quick reactions are needed.

Wii Remote: Point straight and aim at the trains

A/B: Send train the opposite way

Frozen Assets

Icicles fall from the sky whenever the Freezie jumps. Some of the icicles have gems in them, some have nothing. The first player to get 5 gems first wins.

Wii Remote: Hold sideways

Control Pad: Move

1: Punch

2: Jump

1+2: Kick

Breakneck Building

It’s a big build-a-ton as players have to do 3 different objectives in a race. First they must cut a log, then hammer nails, and paint a canvas before the opponent to win.

Cutting the log

Wii Remote: Hold straight and move remote left and right to cut the wood

Hammer nails

Wii Remote: Hold straight and move down and up to hammer the nails in

Painting the canvas

Wii Remote: Hold straight and move around

A/B: Paint

Surf’s Way Up

Each player is on a hoverboard and has to drive into the targets to get points. Each target has a different points total. Watch out for Bowser targets, hitting them makes your score go to 0. Highest score wins. You can go faster to try to get to the next target before your opponent, but going too far makes you run into targets ahead before you can see what they are.

Wii Remote: Hold straight and move around to move hovercraft

A/B: Go faster

Balancing Act

It’s a race to the end of this circus-like course. Each player rides on a ball as they try to avoid Thwomps and catch elevating platforms to get to the end.

Wii Remote: Hold straight and move right to speed up and move left to slow down

Ion the Prize

There are green balls and purple ions. You tilt your machine to the right to make them go into the green tube. Left for the purple. Simple? The action gets crazy as time goes on. The player who matches the most ions with their respective color in 30 seconds wins.

Wii Remote: Hold straight and move left/right to tilt machine

You’re the Bob-omb

Another luck game. There are 5 pumps on each player’s side. One pump is the one that blows up the King Bob-omb behind your opponent. Hope you get that pump first. Blowing each other up at the same time results in a tie.

Wii Remote: Hold sideways

Control Pad: Move

2: Pick pump.


Yet another luck game… First players pick cards to decide the turn order. These cards have numbers behind them. After that players take turns picking cards and trying to knock out the opponent’s lifebar. Last player standing wins.

Wii Remote: Hold sideways

Control Pad: Move

2: Pick card

Spector Inspector

Players have to try to find enemies hidden behind objects in a dark room. Shine the flashlight on the objects to inspect them. Try not to find ghosts.First player to find 3 characters first wins. There is no way to tell where the characters are hiding so…good luck.

Wii Remote: Hold straight and move around to move the flashlight

Control Pad: Move

Rotation Station

An interesting platforming minigame as players race to the top of the tower. They must rotate the camera at times to see where they have to jump.

Wii Remote: Hold straight and flick left/right to rotate camera

Control Pad: Move

2: Jump


Defeating Mr. I is still the same classic method. Make circles to kill the Mr. I. First to kill all 3 wins. Not an actual brawl unlike what the title suggests.

Wii Remote: Hold straight and rotate in circles to confuse Mr. I

Settle it in Court

It’s a basketball shooting game…kinda. Make a basketball shot attempt with your remote when the ball on the line hits the gold circle in the middle. Pass it to a Goomba when the Goomba icon appears to.

Wii Remote: Hold straight and make a basketball shot attempt

A/B: Pass to Goomba

Flip the Chimp

Everyone plays a carnival game where you have to move your chimp left and right to avoid the falling balls. First chimp up wins. NOTE: This game has been infamous for having unresponsive controls causing delayed reactions, ultimately making many lose and frustrated.

Wii Remote: Flick left/right to move monkey