Mario Party Legacy

Mario Party 8 – Challenge Mini-Games

Pour to Score

Try to pour the amount of sand given to you. You have a lenience of 6 grains to pour to win. When you get close to the amount make sure to slow down to get the exact amount, as time should not be a factor despite the 30 second limit.

Wii Remote:  Hold straight and tilt to the left to pour the sand. The more you tilt to the left the more you pour.

Fruit Picker

A very simple memorization game. The wheel has 5 fruit symbols on it. You must memorize where they are, then the wheel will spin. You pick the fruits given to you (they can ask for 1-3 fruits) and you should win.

Wii Remote: Hold straight and aim

A/B: Shoot the target


You have to stamp papers in this game. You need to stamp 20 papers in 20 seconds to win. Be careful as Bowser papers can sometimes appear and stamping them can make you lose 2 points.

Wii Remote: Hold straight and swing downward to stamp the paper

A/B: Pass the paper away

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