Mario Party Legacy

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Mario Party 8 – Bowser Boss Mini-Game

Superstar Showdown

It’s the final boss battle with Bowser! You have to shoot Bowser with energy balls from the Star Rod while avoiding whatever Bowser sends at you. This boss battle has 3 phases. Bowser has 10 life pieces, while you only have 5 life pieces. Kill Bowser! …But don’t worry, if you die, you get the option of coming back to life getting your life pieces back while Bowser is still damaged, giving you unlimited lives basically.

Wii Remote: Hold straight and move left/right to move around and dodge Bowser’s attacks

A/B: Raise star rod

How to fire energy ball

Step 1: Hold down A/B to charge the energy ball. Make sure not to get hit or the energy dissipates and you have to recharge.

Step 2: Once the energy ball is fully charged,  fling the Wii remote forward to Bowser to hit him.

Phase 1

In the first phase, Bowser only shoots fireballs at you. Move around to dodge them and then get your hits on Bowser. Bowser takes 3 hits before moving on to the next phase.

Phase 2

Bowser gets 2 Bullet Bill cannons (one on each end of his Clown Car) and starts firing them at you. Three more hits to Bowser commences the final phase

Phase 3

The final phase is tricky, as Bowser has multiple, devastating attacks. He still retains his 2 cannons, but now they also shoot laser beams all around. You have to find the gaps in the middle of the lasers to not get hit. He still shoots Bullet Bills, but they are now red and move faster. Finally, when having 2 or less hits left, Bowser tries to have a giant fireball at you.

This last phase takes out his remaining 4 life bars left. If you get those last hits without dying, Bowser falls into a vortex and you win:

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