Mario Party Legacy

Mario Party 8 – Battle Mini-Games

Aim of the Game

The aim of this game is to shoot 5 cards that have either numbers or multipliers (x2 or x0) and try to have them add up to the highest total. An easy way to get max points is to shoot a 50 card first, then four x2 cards to fill up your 5 card slot and get 800 points.

Wii Remote: Hold straight and aim at the card

A/B: Shoot card

Cut From the Team

It’s a luck game… Just pick a rope and cut it and hope for the best.

Wii Remote: Hold straight and move around to move scissors

A/B: Cut the rope

Snipe for the Picking

It’s a shooting gallery game here. An apple-shaped figure filled with different points targets will appear. The points targets will change places on the apple varying from each apple. The goal is to try to hit all the 100s on each apple.

Wii Remote: Hold straight and move around to aim the gun

A/B: Shoot the target

Saucer Swarm

Another shooting-based battle game. This time you have to try to shoot the mini saucers that are trying to attack you. Make sure they don’t get to you or else they will temporarily stun you. There is a gold mini saucer that its worth 3 points but is hard to get.

Wii Remote: Hold sideways and tilt left/right to move gunner

2: Shoot

Glacial Meltdown

It’s a brawl to knock your opponents off of the icy platform. Lakitu will drop down Buzzy Beatles for you to try to hit your opponents with. Last player standing wins.

Wii Remote: Hold sideways

Control Pad: Move

1: Punch

2: Jump

1+2: Kick