Mario Party Legacy

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Mario Party 8 – 2-VS.-2 Mini-Games

Grabby Gridiron

Footballs are flying everywhere and you have to take the footballs to your end zone. The first team to score 5 points wins the game. You can punch the ball out of your opponent’s hands to prevent them from scoring.

Wii Remote: Hold Sideways

Control Pad: Move

1: Punch

2: Jump

1+2: Kick

Rowed to Victory

It’s a race to see who can make it to the tiny isle in the middle of the lake. Each person is responsible for rowing an oar so co-operation is key as you navigate through sticks in the water.

Wii Remote: Move to row oar

Bumper Balloons

Each team is given a color balloon to pop and each player has a car to drive into the baloons. The first team to pop all their colored-balloons wins. But you can accidentally pop your opponent’s balloon if you’re not careful.

Wii Remote: Hold Sideways

Control Pad: Move

1: Brake/Reverse

2: Accelerate

Winner or Dinner

It’s a free for all coin collecting game. The tube in the middle will spit out coins onto random spots in the circular arena for you to collect. But it also spits out spikes. Also there are piranha plants waiting to eat you if you come too close so you have to watch your step while trying to beat the other team to get the coins.

Wii Remote: Hold Sideways

Control Pad: Move

2: Jump

Paint Misbehavin’

There are 11 Goombas in the square platform, and the objective is for you and your teammate to shoot paintballs at them and turn ass much of them into your team’s color as opposed to the other team’s color. You have 30 seconds so manage the time wisely to make your moves.

Wii Remote: Hold sideways

Control Pad: Move

2: Shoot paintball

Sugar Rush

It’s time to make a cake!…kinda. The directions of where to put the toppings is shown in the top box, and it’s you and your teammate’s job to to replicate it. First team to make 2 cakes first wins.

Wii Remote: Hold straight and move around to move topping

A/B: Pick up topping, then release to let go of the topping

King of the Thrill

One team member fights a member of the opposing team to try to knock them off the cliff. Then, if one member from each team wins (if both teammates wins the game ends) then the two fight on the big cliff for the win. The cliff breaks apart after a while, so try to use that to your advantage.

Wii Remote: Hold Sideways

Control Pad: Move

1: Punch

2: Jump

1+2: Kick

Lean, Mean Ravine

It’s a race to the end of the road as each team is in a hovercraft. Each team must try to avoid the rocky outer surface and water jets while trying to hit boost pads to help them cross the line first.

Wii Remote: Move left/right

Crops ‘n’ Robbers

One person on the team has a hammer to try to knock the Monty Moles out of the way while the other person on the team has to pick the carrots out of the field and fling them onto the truck. The first team to do both first wins.

Person with the hammer

Wii Remote: Hold straight, swing down to hit Monty Mole

Control Pad: Move

Person picking carrots

Wii Remote: Hold straight, swing up to pluck the carrot out

Control Pad: Move

A/B: Pick up the carrot

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