Mario Party Legacy

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Mario Party 4 Spaces


All the spaces from Mario Party 3 return except the Game Guy Space and the Bank Space. The Chance Time Space is replaced by the Fortune Space, while the Item Space is replaced by the Mushroom Space. Mario Party 4 introduces one new space, the Warp Space.

Blue Space

The blue space gives the player 3 coins when landed on; 6 coins during the last five turns, depending on roulette wheel’s result.

Red Space


The red space will take away 3 coins when landed on; 6 coins during the last five turns, depending on roulette wheel’s result.

Happening Space


Each board has a different effect when landed on this space.

Bowser Space


Bowser or Koopa Kid will appear when you land on this space. Koopa Kid will steal coins while Bowser can start one of three events:

Bowser Game: Bowser will force all the players to play one of his mini-games.

Bowser Revolution: Bowser divides everyone’s coins equally.

Bowser Shuffle: Bowser will switch everyone’s position on the board.

Bowser Suit: Bowser gives the player a free Bowser suit.


Mushroom Space


Landing here will give you the options to pick from two boxes, one big and one small. One chest contains a Mega Mushroom and the other contains a Mini Mushroom. The items are hidden randomly every time.


Battle Space


This space will trigger a Battle Mini-Game where each player must put in a certain amount of coins that will be handed out to the winners. However, if 0 coins was chosen, then the Battle Mini-Game will be canceled.

Warp Space


Landing on this space will reveal a roulette wheel with each player’s head on it, besides your own. Once a player is selected, the space you are on will launch you to that player’s space.


Fortune Space


 The Reversal of Fortune is brought out to determine who gets to give, switch, or take stars and/or coins from each other.


Star Space

This space cannot be landed on. This is where the player can buy a star.


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