Mario Party Legacy

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Mario Party 3 Spaces

All the spaces from Mario Party 2 return along with the new Game Guy Space.



Blue Space


The blue space gives the player 3 coins when landed on; 6 coins during the last five turns.


Red Space


The red space will take away 3 coins when landed on; 6 coins during the last five turns.


Happening Space


Each board has a different effect when landed on this space. It can trigger an event and each board has at least one “Action Time” Event.


Bowser Space


Bowser will appear and roll a roulette that will decide what he will do. These events include:

Bowser Shuffle: Bowser switches the positions of the players on the board.

Bowser’s Coin Potluck: Bowser takes coins away from everyone.

Bowser’s Curse: Everyone is put under the effect where they can only move 1-3 spaces. This is similar to the Poison Mushroom.

Bowser’s Reverse Curse: Everyone is put under the effect where they can only move backwards. This is similar to the Reverse Mushroom.

Bowser Suit Giveaway: Bowser gives the player a Bowser Suit for free.

Bowser Phone Giveaway: Bowser gives the player a Bowser Phone for free.

Stars – Packed to Go: Bowser will flee if this is selected. Nothing happens.


Chance Time Space


You pick two players that are chosen to either give, switch, or take stars and/or coins from each other by hitting the ! Block to stop the roulette.


Item Space


Landing here will take you to an Item Mini-Game where you can win an item or you will get a visit by Toad or Baby Bowser. Toad will ask a question with multiple responses while Koopa Kid asks Yes/No questions. Depending on your answer, you might get an item, a few items, a rare item, or nothing at all.


Battle Space


This space will trigger a Battle Mini-Game where each player must put in a certain amount of coins that will be handed out to the winners. However, if 0 coins was chosen, then the Battle Mini-Game will be cancelled.


Game Guy Space


Landing on this space will force you to play a chance mini-game where all your money is bet whether you want to or not. You have the chance to double your amount of coins. In some cases, you could multiply your amount of coins by 32 or 64. Take extra caution if you land here, because you may lose all of your coins.


Bank Space


When you pass this space, you must pay 5 coins. If you land on this space, you will get all the money that was collected.


Star Space


This space cannot be landed on. This is where the player can buy a star.

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