Mario Party Legacy

Mario Party 2 Secrets

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Secret Boards

Bowser Land – Play all 5 boards at least once to unlock this board.

Unlockable Modes

Mini-Game Stadium – Purchase at least 3 of each type of mini-game from Woody.

Mini-Game Coaster – Purchase all mini-games from Woody that are initially available.

Credits Machine – Clear Bowser Land.

Unlockable Mini-Games

Driver’s ED – Purchase every mini-game (Battle, Item, and the 2 bonus games) then talk to Woody who will give you the last secret mini-game.

Dungeon Dash – Purchase all the mini-games that are initially available, then talk to the Piranha Plant in the Park.

Rainbow Run – Purchase every mini-game (Battle and Item), then talk to the Piranha Plant to get it.



Extra Unlockables

Item Mini-Games available for purchase – Clear Mini-Game Coaster on Normal difficulty.

Battle Mini-Games available for purchase – Clear Mini-Game Coaster on Hard difficulty.

More Music and Sound Effects – Clear Bowser Land.



Contributed by: SuperZambezi & Vipsoccermaster