Mario Party Legacy

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Mario Party 2 Item Mini-Games

Roll out the Barrels

Watch as the six barrels containing the five items are mixed and shuffled around and then break the barrel that has the item you want.

Control Stick: Move

A: Jump

B: Attack

A+Z: Hip Drop

Give me a Brake!


Watch as the train moves around the track and pull the lever to have the item stop for you.

A: Pull Brakes

Hammer Slammer

Press A as many times as you can to raise the hammer and then drop the hammer to get one of the items on the shuttle.

A (Repeatedly): Raise Hammer

B: Drop Hammer


Use the mallet to knock two blocks from under the item to get the item.

A: Swing Hammer

Coffin Congestion

Watch as the five items vanish and shuffle inside the coffins. Then open the coffin that has the item you want

Control Stick: Move

A: Jump

B: Attack

A+Z: Hip Drop



Try to get a match of the same 3 items. If you don’t, you win nothing.

 A: Jump

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