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10 Awesome Custom Boards for Mario Party 1-3

Custom boards have given new life to the classic N64 Mario Party games and we’ve rounded up 10 of the coolest boards available to play right now! To help explain out choices, check out our full analysis of each board in our recommendations video below.

Want to play any of these boards? We’ve got the list here along with a link to .json download for each board. Use the PartyPlanner64 editor to import the board into one of the three Mario Party games. See this video if you need help importing your board or if you’re curious about making your own! Keep in mind these boards are not ranked in any order. They’re just ten of our favorites!

Paradise Isle

by StalfosKing     for Mario Party 3
Download Here


Hope Land

by Imakuni     for Mario Party 2
Download Here

Grunty’s Furnace Fun

by Airsola     for Mario Party 3
Download Here


by NorthwestAmbition     for Mario Party 3
Download Here

Banana Brouhaha

by SpiderStaryu     for Mario Party 1
Download Here

Animal Crossing

by Alexandyr     for Mario Party 3
Download Here

Ice Land

by Spongyoshi     for Mario Party 2
Download Here

Star Summit

by SuperZambezi     for Mario Party 3
Download Here

Dream Haven

by StalfosKing     for Mario Party 2
Download Here

F-Zero White Land

by PartyPlanner64     for Mario Party 3
Download Here

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    Awesome boards! I’ve really got to play these some time.

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